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Long-range communication devices

While the long-range communication devices commonly used in Stargate: Universe are for the most part a cheap trick to get a way to relate events back on Earth to events on the alien spaceship Destiny, without them the entire show would have to take place on Destiny, and unlike Star Trek TV shows, the cast of people stuck on Destiny just aren’t enough to carry a TV show for multiple seasons. As annoying as Dr. Rush and Eli are, they are just no match for Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson, etc. Though the long range communication devices, if used properly, could make for some interesting situations. The experience one obtains while using a long-range communcation device is not entirely unlike lucid dreaming in the sense that you can walk around and experience a world without moving your own body. Anyway I hope the show starts to use this to develop some more interesting scenarios and doesn’t just use it as a fancy interspace-age cellphone the way they appear to be using it up to this point. Anyway I’m going to go back to browsing reddit now.

Season 7

This weekend I’m going to re-watch all of season 7 of SG-1, which is arguably the best Stargate season of all time. It’s hard to pick one episode from season 7 as my favorite, but I really like the first episode as well as the last two. Daniel Jackson returning to the show in the first episode already puts the season off to a great start. And the last 2 episodes are great and funny because Jack O’Neill becomes uncharacteristically intelligent once he downloads the knowledge of the Ancients into his brain and tries to help find the Lost City of Atlantis. While they don’t manage to find the lost city, they find an Ancient weapon that manages to completely destroy a Goa’uld fleet. If you haven’t seen Stargate Season 7 in a while, its pretty easy to find on ThePirateBay and download with ĀµTorrent.

Stargate. Stargate SG-1. Not Stargate Atlantis, not Stargate Universe, Stargate SG-1. It ran for 10 solid seasons and easily could have continued for another 10 seasons if they wanted. I tried to get into Stargate Atlantis shortly after I installed Ubuntu a few years ago, but it never seemed worth watching without Colonel Jack Oneill, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Captain Samantha Carter, and Teal’c. And the main character of Stargate Universe is supposed to be a former WoW addict, which is a non-starter. How could Universe ever rise to the level of epic battles against aliens when half the characters are civilians? It’s just the dumbest idea ever. But SG-1 was the perfect formula for a sci-fi show. And Stargate: Continuum is probably my favorite movie followed by Spider-Man. I hope one episode the producers of Universe will just say “fuck it” and kill off the main characters and replace them with the SG-1 team. At least then Universe would have a chance in hell of turning into a decent TV show.